Perfectly Simple Tricks To A Long And Happy Marriage

It's no secret that marriage takes hard work and sacrifice. We're only human and we all have bad days and make mistakes. However, nowadays separation has become the easiest solution to tackle rocky relationships and many couples refuse to give their marriage a second chance. You need to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. There are only marriages that are happier and stronger because of the actions both partners take. Like any other relationship, a marriage also requires attention and more effort, but the rewards are worth the extra work.

So, instead of ignoring the problems in your relationship, you can make your marriage a happy, strong and long-lasting affair. Take a look at these simple tricks that will certainly improve your relationship.

Express gratitude to your partner

The small gestures matter the most sometimes. Whether you are married for a month or for a whole decade, don't take your partner for granted and show your appreciation at least once a day. If you want your marriage to last, nurture your relationship with kind words and gestures. Show gratitude to your partner even for the little things he/she does for you every day.

Expressing gratitude benefits both partners in the relationship and when you give appreciation, you will receive even more in return.

Hug your partner at the end of the day

Hugging is very beneficial to the health of a couple. Hugs release warm and fuzzy feelings and when you hug your spouse you immediately give him/her the benefit of boosting their oxytocin levels. This means that a simple hug can reduce the feelings of loneliness and anger. When you hug you can also boost their levels of serotonin which improves your partner's mood. You should hug your partner each and every day as an act of showing your love to him/her. However, we're so caught up in everyday stuff like cooking dinner, checking emails, or taking care of the kids, and a hug is probably the last thing on our mind when we come home. Acknowledge each other when you first meet after a long day and remind your spouse of why you love him/her so much.

Learn to communicate

Being able to talk openly with your spouse is a sign of a strong and happy marriage. If communication is missing in your marriage, it will slowly destroy your relationship. Even if you're busy with work, children, gym, or household chores, just set aside fifteen minutes in the day, especially for your partner. Just sit and talk about random things. Don't talk about your concerns and problems all the time, but try to be as positive as possible. Listen to your spouse when he/she talks to you because mutual respect is vital for a long lasting marriage.

Make room for sex

It’s perfectly normal for sex to fall off the menu when kids come into the picture, but it has been proven that a lack of sex leaves couples feeling resentful. It might sound unromantic, but keeping sex on the agenda will make sure your busy schedules don’t get in the way of the intimacy that’s crucial to a happy marriage. Always make room for sex and romance in a busy schedule. This means that you need to get plenty of rest and sleep the night before and cancel any other commitments for that day.

Besides making the time, you also need to make the effort for each other.

Always put your marriage first

This is the golden rule for creating a successful marriage that will last. Of all your relationships, your spouse always comes first. This means that you need to deliberately set aside time for the two of you, whether it's a date night or a weekend getaway. A strong marriage is one of the healthiest things you can give to your children. They will feel safe and loved when they see their parents working as a team, making an effort and showing both respect and affection for each other, even after all these years. If you put your partner first, your marriage will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Find some small ways to make your spouse feel cherished. Always greet him/her at the door with a smile on your face, bring him/her coffee every morning, hug and hold hands often, and express gratitude.