How the Astrology Signs Deal with Depression and Anxiety

If you’re into astrology, you already know the common behavior traits of each zodiac sign, especially your own. You know which are your strengths and weaknesses, and which signs are you most compatible with. But, do you know how each zodiac signs deals with depression and anxiety? Read on to find out how your sign reacts to feelings of sadness.


Aries is a fire sign, which means that it is less likely to get depressed than other zodiac signs. Aries people suffer more than most, in a job without any physical movement. They are energetic and active individuals, so a lack of inspiration and challenge can make a subject to depression. Aries people often rush enthusiastically into any given challenge and react to situations very impulsively, without thinking about the consequences. This can leave them with feelings of regret, remorse, and sadness. People born under this sign would benefit from yoga or meditation, anything that soothes the mind.


The Taurus likes being in familiar places with familiar people. However, as life begins to change inevitably, Taureans may become severely depressed. When Taureans are depressed, they instinctively sleep more and want to be left alone. They also tend to overindulge in physical pleasures to the point of gluttony. A change is as good as a rest, so a change of scenery could be all they need to awaken the senses and bring them back to the land of the living.


Geminis are passionate and enthusiastic people, eager to explore the world. However, many of them don't know where to apply their passion and feel as though they are searching for something they cannot find, which leads to depression. Even though Gemini is a cheerful zodiac sign, people born under this sign also get depressed. However, they often put on a smile on their faces to hide their sadness. When depressed, many Geminis have unpredictable mood swings from one emotional pole to another. These people should try physical exercise to calm the mind and experiment with music that puts them in a serene mood.


Cancers are extremely sensitive individuals, who are known to suffer from depression more than other zodiac signs. These people need recognition and affection in order to feel emotionally secure. When they are deprived of this, Cancers feel emotionally vulnerable and depressed. However, they find it very difficult to open up about their emotional needs and feelings and they often suffer in silence which results in extreme depression. The cure for their sadness is to surround themselves with family and friends who are supportive.


People born under the sign of Leo are less prone to depression than the other sun signs. However, don't let that fool you because they're usually very good at hiding their pain. They suffer from depression when they feel disrespected or when they're faced with criticism. They are prone to short periods of depression and fits of anger, but they always manage to bounce back better than before.


Virgos tend to be shy and awkward in social situations, so those of them who haven't overcome their innate shyness can develop anxiety when interacting with strangers. This leads to depression and feelings of loneliness. However, Virgos are perfectionists and workaholics, so getting off of their butts and getting back to work will help them deal with anxiety and depression. For Virgos, being productive is the solution to everything.


Libras are highly sensitive and emotional. They seek balance and harmony at home and in their relationships, so they tend to suppress any negative emotions. However, these toxic emotions don't just disappear and they cause Libras to become depressed. Libras want to be accepted by everyone, and when someone doesn't like them they tend to feel miserable and sad. People born under this zodiac sign would benefit from yoga or writing - activities that relieve them of negative emotions.


Scorpios will never admit that they are depressed because they are afraid that someone might try to use this against them. They get depressed and angry if someone insults their personal pride or ridicule their sense of honor. However, the Scorpio is an easy sign to get out of depression. People born under the sign of Scorpio would benefit from a trusted confidant and friend with whom they can share their deep thoughts and feelings.


The typical Sagittarians don't suffer from depression that often. They were born to do meaningful things in the world, so sometimes they feel like they are useless which can lead to depression. However, Sagittarians are very optimistic and know that everything will turn out okay in the end. When they are depressed, they should engage in community activities that make a difference in the world. They could also benefit from a trip to a nearby town or tickets to films - anything that is fun enough for them to forget depression.


Capricorns are able to remain calm even under immense pressure. But, when their basic human emotions go unexpressed, they can end up with severe depression. They are so used to down and desperate situations, so depression is no big deal to them. Capricorns should choose a few reliable friends with whom they can share their deep emotions when they feel depressed.


Aquarian thoughts are innovative and progressive. These people were born to serve to humanity, but they often feel lonely and misunderstood. Aquarians can be very depressed because of an apparent lack of ideas. The best way to deal with depression is to seek like-minded friends with similar goals and ideals. Aquarians are out to save the world, so they should select friends who have the same sense of humanity and helping people.


Pisceans are the most mysterious people of the zodiac. They are compassionate and highly intuitive individuals who feel depressed when they need to leave their imaginary world. Pisceans can't really get out of depression because they were simply born depressed. These people are the best example in the dictionary to describe the word "victim". In order to forget their current situation, they need to find something else to worry over, such us a helpless kitten or a wounded bird. Watching movies or writing can also help them to deal with their depression.