What's the Hidden Meaning Behind Your Birthday?

In today's world, people are finding all sorts of reasons to throw a party, invite their relatives and friends and celebrate a special date together. Celebrating the day you were born is among the most important parties in people's lives and it is known as a birthday party. The birthday is a very special occasion for many, as it marks the beginning of your journey. There is a specially decorated cake with letters, numbers and a candle on top, there are balloons, maybe a speech or a toast and what not. But have you ever wondered why do we actually celebrate birthdays and if there is a greater meaning hidden behind your birthday?

Philosophy of Ancient Tribes

Believe it or not, there is more meaning to the date of your coming to this world than what you may think. Some ancient tribes in Africa believed that the energy that invades the mother's womb (the unborn child or the fetus) chooses their own date according to the most productive period of their parents life. This means that the offspring-to-be is conscious energy that wants to come to life through the bodies of his\her parents in that period time when their love is in highest synergy.

The Meaning of Being Born under a Certain Star

The love of our ancestors to observe the sky has led to a plenty of great discovers, among which is certainly the relationship between our birthdays and the celestial bodies. As all of us already know, according to astrology, the date of our birth is closely connected with the cycle of our planet in regard to the Sun, the Moon and other celestial bodies and this determines many of our characteristics. The particular time can determine the level of passion, courage, strength, confidence and much more, which can follow us to the rest of our lives.

Birthday Numerology: What Does Your Birthday Number Mean?

The birthday number is one of the most popular number in the numerology chart. Every number has some sort of power that describes its connection with the universe. Your birthday number is one of your five most influential numbers in your numerology and it can explain the nature of your very existence. Since the birthday number is very powerful, it has earned itself the name “psychic” number. Usually, it is the starting point of studying numerology and that's mainly because it is easy and simple.

How to Discover your Birthday Number

Discovering your birthday number is as easy as reducing the date (including the date, the month and the year) you were born into a single number. As soon as you get a single number (known as your birthday number), you can refer to the symbolism of that number and learn a lot of things on various aspects of yourself and your life. The meaning of your birthday number indicates compatibility and harmony with other people, as well as your lucky dates, months, colors and numbers.

The birthday number you derive from the day, month and year of your birth indicate the skills, talents and personality traits you posses. It may seem like it's no big deal, but hinting your talent can put you on the right path in your life. No matter how insignificant and meaningless your birthday number seem, remember that it contributed greatly to the person you became today.

Birthday numerology is just another way to discover yourself, your talent, your skills, your characteristics, but not your destiny. Even if your birthday number is accurate and helps you get on the right path, your life, your destiny and your future are your own responsibilities. Your birthday number doesn't, but every one of your decisions, thoughts and acts does impact your future.